Things To Do On Martha’s Vineyard

I saw this list on Martha’s Vineyard store. I thought it was a pretty good list of things to do on Martha’s Vineyard that covers some of the less well-known touristy things to do on the Vineyard.

To Do on Martha’s Vineyard

So what’s this list referring to?

Gingerbread Houses refer to the 300+ colourful cottages that make up the Methodist camp ground in Oak Bluffs. You can access the Gingerbread Houses right off Circuit Avenue (for example, near Sharky’s).

One of the 300+ gingerbread cottages at the Methodist Camp Ground
One of the 300+ gingerbread cottages at the Methodist Camp Ground

The Flying Horses Carousel is also located in Oak Bluffs. It was brought to Martha’s Vineyard from Coney Island in 1884. It is the oldest operating carousel the USA.


Another Oak Bluffs favourite, Back Door Donuts are an Island tradition. Every evening after the stores close, Martha’s Vineyard Gourmet Cafe and Bakery opens its back door onto the parking lot. They serve up fresh piping hot donuts and apple fritters straight from the kitchen. Super delicious and super unhealthy.


The Jaws Bridge refers to the American Legion Bridge on State Beach. The name comes from the movie Jaws upon in which the bridge features. Every day people clamber onto the bridge to jump into the water below. My kids think it is the best thing ever. Personally my husband and I don’t see the attraction.

Jumping off Jaws Bridge

The 3 mile beach on the edge of Katama, South Beach faces the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is wide, sandy and popular and the waves can be fierce. It’s one of the most popular beaches of the island.

Playing at the beach
Playing at the beach

Coming from Katama, the nearest town is Edgartown with its beautiful white whaling captain houses and charming boutiques. It’s definitely worth a stroll in Edgartown to watch the boats in the harbour, browse around the stores and eat ice cream.

The Menemsha sunsets are glorious assuming it’s not a cloudy day. Every year we take a picnic and have dinner on the beach and watch the sunset. Some evenings we are unlucky and the clouds roll in at the last minute. The sunsets when they do happen are totally worth taking the chance though.

Another epic Menemsha sunset

Many people don’t realise that Martha’s Vineyard has a lot of farms. In the old days, you pretty much had a choice of farming or fishing to make a living. Some of the farms have disappeared but many are still remaining.  Try the Grey Barn farm store for their award-winning organic cheeses or the Morning Glory Farm store for pretty much anything.


There are farmers markets galore (as well as farm stands) in Martha’s Vineyard thanks to the long agricultural tradition of the island. We are talking fresh corn, heirloom tomatoes and delicious pies. Simply delish.

One of the many farms remaining on Martha’s Vineyard.
One of the many farms remaining on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Aquinnah Cliffs are a stunning vertical drop of coloured chalk cliffs that drop into the sea. The cliffs have suffered from erosion over the years and the Aquinnah lighthouse had to be moved back from the edge of the cliffs.

There are 5 lighthouses on Martha’s Vineyard and four of them are open to visitors. They are East Chop Lighthouse, West Chop Lighthouse, Edgartown Lighthouse, Cape Pogue Lighthouse and Aquinnah Lighthouse. The lighthouses that open are open at different times. Check out the time before you go if you want to climb up to the top.



10 best things to do on martha's vineyard
Who said there’s only beaches in Martha’s Vineyard? There’s a lot more! Among other
things to do on Martha’s Vineyard you’ll find visiting the gingerbread houses, the lighthouses, and the farmers markets. Check out this guide to what to do on Martha’s Vineyard. #marthasvineyard #capecod #thingstodo #travelguide
Best things to do in martha's vineyard
There are plenty of things to do on Martha’s Vineyard. Among them, visiting the lighthouses,
strolling down the farmers markets and, of course, enjoying the beach! Check out what to do
on Martha’s Vineyard for an unforgettable getaway! #marthasvineyard #capecod #thingstodo


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